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Newbie? Read Me First!

Welcome to! 

Thank you for entrusting me with your time and attention.  In order to ensure that you get the most out of your virtual coaching experience, I will be utilizing several, "tricks of the trade."  First and foremost, I want each topic to be both important and interesting to you.  On this basis, I will be utilizing an edgy, "catalytic" approach.  This means that I will routinely subject you to a healthful dose of controversy, humor, debate, and playful sarcasm.  Research clearly shows that doing so creates engagement - and engagement results in more personal interest and a higher likelihood that you will actually benefit from this experience.  Of course, this also means that you will be entertained as well - no extra charge.  Make sense?

Second, I want you to not only be entertained, but also empowered - empowered to make meaningful life transformations.  Yes, we will be "going Oprah."  In order to do-so, I will be providing specific coaching tips to help you apply the information presented.  For example, a good personal trainer not only tortures you (and likes it), but also gives you a specific program and guidelines based upon your goals.  You know, things like which exercises to perform and how much weight, how many reps and sets, etc.  The difference is that I will be giving you "the reps" for all-things wellness.  We'll be going way beyond the physical - think mind, body, and spirit.  Capiche?  Of course, some entries will be of more interest to you than others.  Feel free to pick and choose the ones that you believe will have the greatest impact.  I want your virtual coaching experience to be personal - to be all about you!

Now, you might be thinking, "Is this really going to be free?"  The answer is... hell yes!  Of course, mamma needs a new pair of shoes, so I do hope that, if and when you feel inclined, you blow some dough on one of my books or workshops - both of which are really nothing more than on steroids.

Now you know the method behind the madness.  So... get excited - check back regularly - and buckle in, because it is going to be quite a ride!

Your Virtual Coach,

Dr. Francis Ardito aka Coach Q