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Victims and Some Overly Gracious Blurbs

"You are the master wellness coach, without a doubt."


"You are a visionary and gifted organizer and presenter!"


"A+++++ on your presentation! Everyone was singing your praises at the end of the meeting."


"Excellent! Very entertaining – Loved the interaction and Frank’s sense of humor!"


"Exceeded expectations and left you wanting more!"


"A big Thank You!!!!! I have enjoyed this program immensely and have met some wonderful people along the way. This experience has certainly made a positive impact on my life."


"I have truly enjoyed your teaching style and have learned pertinent information that will last me a lifetime."


"You have been a positive influence for me and been a great help in navigating the ever changing landscape of the health/wellness/fitness industry."


"Thank you for such a great, engaging presentation today! I learned a lot of important information in that short session, and it was really nice to learn more about you, too."


"Thank you again for speaking at Motivate Me on Saturday! Your message is so important and I love the concrete strategies you teach students. I appreciate all of your passion and willingness to help me and my students."


"I’ve been overwhelmed by the support that Frank has given our program, from the very start up through today and beyond. As I told Frank recently, all I ever expected was a tour. Wow, has this ever grown!"


"I am confident that if I had not enrolled in your course, I would not be where I am today. I am fortunate to have been one of your students. In addition, I am certain that other students feel the same way."


"I enjoyed your class and thrived in your organized way of teaching."


"Thank you for taking an active effort in reaching our veterans through the use of nature."


"You challenged us, you were very clear with your expectations, and you were funny to boot!"


"Although I have not kept in touch in sometime I have not forgot about your impact on me as a student and as an individual. When I tell people about going to four different colleges and they ask me which one I enjoyed the most I always tell them College of Lake County, solely because of your teachings. I tell them that no one has compared to level of teaching you provided, the inspiration you gave me and your guidance that could not be matched. I saw you as my mentor and still feel the same way today."


"You are an awesome teacher and a wonderful person: I hope you enjoy your new position and I hope they appreciate what an awesome teacher you are. My life is changed from having the opportunity to experience your instruction and inspiration and I know that many of my classmates feel the same way."


"My thoughts are with you often, not only as I reflect on your amazing talents as a teacher and a mentor for all of us that were in your class, but also from the input from others that have had the same experience with you throughout your career. "


"First of all, I’d like to thank you. I needed a change, and you have and continue to facilitate that change in a huge way. As a professor, you are engaging to an immeasurable degree beyond anything I’ve experienced … and ridiculously entertaining while you do it. In turn, I’ve learned more from you in an hour of class than I’ve taken away from an entire semester in others."


"I just wanted to thank you VERY MUCH for being the person that you are! It has been an HONOR to be in your classes! I look for you as the instructor for a class that I'm going to take because the humor and wit and stories you tell help me to retain the information I am going to need as I move forward. Your teaching style is intoxicating. I think you should teach other teachers HOW to teach the way you do!"